About Us

TREASURES FOREVER was established in the year 2011, through a moment of inspiration.

The founder, whilst growing in the areas of tznius herself, experienced the euphoric feeling that comes along with the elevation of ones heights in Avodas Hashem.  Being that she wanted to hear & see more of all tznius options that were out there, she figured that a shop where all Tznius Accessories & Necessities would be under one roof would be a virtual “candy store” for someone seeking tznius items.

And thus TREASURES FOREVER was born!

Just as its name implies, every purchase here is truly a TREASURE FOREVER. A TREASURE that will reap rewards FOREVER!

What began as a small retail shop has morphed overtime into the successful establishment that it has become.  The repeating customers bear testimony to the fact that shopping at TREASURES FOREVER is a most inspiring endeavor. Countless customers have come back to us with PERSONAL YESHUAS that they have experienced after purchasing Tznius items in our store. People are aware of the great rewards one is given by upgrading their Tznius standards by even ONE LITTLE BIT that they deem it necessary to stop by our store as a zchus before a surgery or any other time that they need added protection.


Kallahs have flooded our establishment to purchase their trousseau and begin their marriage with an added measure of Syata D’shmaya.

We have an extensive line of Kallah items that are exclusive to our store, including beautiful nightgowns & morning robes with special Tznius necklines.  These nightgowns are essentially the same as other stores but have the added advantage of the neckline not necessitating any alterations!

We, at TREASURES FOREVER value the limited time a kallah has and therefore offer our nightgown with our TRADEMARKTznius neck, so as to avoid the added expense and inconvenience that alterations involve. Our kallahs enjoy a private appointment where they can shop in the privacy of a quiet store with our helpful staff.


is located in the heart of Boro Park at 1259 47th Street, right off  13th Ave & 47th Street., Brooklyn, N.Y.

Tel.: 718-438-1981
Email: TreasuresForeverNY{at}gmail.com